#ForHer | Chapter 1 | 2018

Welcome to Be Good #ForHer, the inaugural chapter of our Be Good initiative, designed to foster awareness and action on vital issues that demand our attention. Born from a new ideology of ‘Be Good,’ this movement aims to unite like-minded individuals in a shared belief in goodness and proactive change.



Onground Exposure



Event Overview

Our journey began with #ForHer, a festival dedicated to championing women’s safety, health, respect and dignity. Held at the picturesque Nehru Park in New Delhi, this event saw nearly 5500 attendees.

The day was filled with enriching conversations and dialogues focused on women’s safety, dignity and health. We celebrated remarkable women like Shayara Bano, who played a pivotal role against  the Triple Talaq campaign, and Sunaina Kumari,  the AVP of the Indian Olympic Association, who shattered the glass ceiling in sports leadership. These women shared their journeys, inspiring and empowering everyone present.

Be Good #ForHer created a bridge between attendees and those working tirelessly for women’s causes. Organizations like Shakti Shalini and Apne Aap provided avenues for participants to contribute meaningfully. We also engaged college students by offering volunteering opportunities, encouraging them to earn their festival pass through activities related to the cause.

Nehru Park served as the perfect backdrop for a day of learning and celebration. Our social media blitz and venue branding ensured widespread awareness, while viral videos featuring celebrities and influencers amplified our message.

The festival featured performances by stand-up comedian Angad Ranyal and musicians Chizai, Tanya Nambiar, and headliner Prateek Kuhad, creating an engaging vibe. The Joint Commissioner of Police (South) also joined us, discussing new initiatives to enhance women’s safety.


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Rediscover the goodness within and be a part of our Be Good community. This journey has just begun with our first chapter, #ForHer. Stay tuned for more initiatives as we continue to address pressing issues and work towards a better world. Together, we can make a difference.